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Sports betting originated long ago, far back into the mists of time, with the first recorded sports bet dating to over 2,000 years. Indeed, back then, it was the Greeks who tried their luck betting on the ancient sporting legends of the javelin or discus. Next, it spread to Rome and their gladiators. Until eventually, it arrived in Britain, where – despite the best efforts of medieval clerics – it continues to this day.


Taking a punt or a bet has become a popular national pastime. Everything from the footie to greyhound racing has become popular sports for gamblers. Then, there’s the most important date of all: The Grand National, when every man and his dog tries their luck.


Today, the UK gambling market yields an incredible £14.4 billion, employing over 100,000 people. Therefore, the gambling sector has become heavily regulated, protecting gamblers and sports betters from con-men and other devious betting houses.


While the UK does have a relaxed attitude to sports betting, given the history of the nation, it still maintains some of the most developed gambling laws in the world, as set forth by the UK Gambling Commission. Consequently, these require all sports betting operators to offer a safe and equitable gambling environment. Furthermore, many online betting houses investing heavily in encryption technology.


As a result, UK gambling sites have a reputation for being honest and fair, with crime rarely being involved with gambling, as is seen in other countries.



Sports Betting Payment Methods

If you want to win big on the races or the weekend final, you’ve got to cough up the cash. There are hundreds of sites now available. So, you’ll need to decide how you’re going to deposit and withdraw your money from your online account.


Thankfully for UK players, there are dozens of different payments options, with most sites offering at least four or five. Here are some of the most popular payment methods available:

Debit Cards

Visa: Amongst the most popular payment services online because of their reliability and widespread use. With a debit card, simply enter your details, and the money will be transferred in no time.
MasterCard: One of the world’s most significant payment services, with most, if not all, sites allowing the use of MasterCard for payments.
Maestro: Although not as commonly used as either Visa or MasterCard, Maestro is still a popular brand of debit card, with many betting sites accepting Maestro payments.
Note: From 14 April 2020, UK gamblers will no longer be able to use credit cards to pay for bets.

Digital Payment

The world’s leading internet payment company. In short: PayPal allows you to upload money to your PayPal wallet. From there, deposit it into the betting site account of your choice. If you need to set up an account, the process is simple. All you will need is a bank account and an email address.
Surprisingly, an increasingly popular e-money transfer service, with over 23 million account holders worldwide. Neteller allows you to send and receive money instantly and securely, from anywhere in the world. Many betting sites now accept Neteller payments.
Next is this UK-based service allows payments and money transfers via the internet, specialising in low-cost international money transfers. Though not as commonly used by betting sites, some do accept Skrill as a payment method.
Apple Pay:
This is amongst the newest and most innovative payment methods currently available. This mobile payment and digital e-wallet, from one of the world’s biggest tech companies, is an increasingly popular payment method, with ever more sites accepting Apple Pay.
Google Pay:
Originally launched as ‘Android Pay’ back in 2015, Google has only recently allowed the service to be used on gambling sites. As such, few sites currently use it as a payment method.
Pay by Phone Bill:
Deposit funds via a registered mobile phone number. Subsequently, your monthly phone contract will be debited, or it will be deducted from a pre-paid mobile phone.

Sports Betting Types

If you can play it, you can bet on it. Popular sports to bet on include:
– Horse Racing
– Football
– Tennis
– Rugby
– Greyhound Racing
– Boxing
– Golf
However, the significant sporting events are key dates in the gambling calendar. Henceforth, the four grand slam tennis tournaments, major horse races (such as Grand National, Epsom Derby, and Royal Ascot), League finals or World Cups, and big boxing matches are all popular with sports betters. So, do your research, and take a punt!